// Jingle Solstice /

Ohai LJ.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year and all that jazz.

If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles on Facebook or wherever all the cool kids are at the time.

I'm amazed that some of you still used this site. But the number of you that do is clearly way, way down. I hate the way I have to look at ads when I click over to your entries from FB (due to not being logged in to LJ at the time), and I don't want people having to do that with my posts. I still keep saying "I should totally go back to blogging" but with LJ so unappealing there's a lot of inertia and discovery and setup to overcome if I was going to and I haven't had a sufficient surge of motivation.

I do still miss having usericons to use for moods. I wish FB would add that. But I've gotten so used to clicking "Like" that having to LEAVE A COMMENT saying "THIS" is now tedious. Why can't I have it all in one place? :(

// Switch! /

The hax LJ got? Not on DW. JUST SAYIN'. Switch!

(Inorite, who am I to talk given I never post to DW myself? If you want me, look for me beneath your boot-soles on Facebook and occasionally Twitter.)

// It's like Burning Man for the cultural elite. /

Tomorrow, the wish Loge made hundreds of years ago (on Monday) will be fulfilled, and Valhalla will be consumed in a blaze of glory. How does the Andersen family prepare for the end of the world? With a limo ride to a famously delicious restaurant featuring gourmet food, of which each and every component comes from within 100 miles. IT'S ALL ABOUT FOOD.
LJ Survivor

// Missing Out. /

Oh shit, I missed all the election drama*? And Jameth lost again?

I'm equal parts bummed and pleased. OK maybe more pleased.

Not LJing seems to be agreeing with me, though.

I do kinda miss reading about your lives, tho.

One of these months I'll find a compromise other than "read back 500 entries every 3 weeks and give up on the rest". Really.

* After poking around a bit, it turns out there was very little drama and even less lulz. Even the troll v. troll was yawn-tastic. No wonder I stopped coming here!

// Shugo Chara! /

On one hand, just another "magical girl" show with spiffy transformations. On the other hand, the most Western psychology I've EVER seen in in Anime. Shadows, projections, ego development... and cute chibi characters that float around representing one's repressed self. One of which wears a little green dress, is named "su", and ends most of her sentences with DESU. Unfortunately, she's a cook, not a gardener. See it on crunchyroll.com!

LJ quit

// Dreamwidth Invite Codes (2) /

I have two dreamwidth invite codes. I'd rather give them to people who actually want to check it out than people that just want to reserve their username. Comments screened, reply with the email address you want the code sent to.

Post coming up addressing some of the most common questions about DW I've seen from LJ people.
LJ quit

// Fandomgasm is not for me. /

Everything you need to know about Dreamwidth. Sigh.

In somewhat related news, I'm setting up a blog and personal journal on my own site. I'm using Disqus for at least one of them*, which supports OpenID and Facebook Connect, so we'll have threaded comments you don't need to register for anything else to leave and track. I guess I'll keep the LJ account around just in case, since it's perm. and all.

* I have it set up for the blog portion. I'm still undecided on if I want to link the journal in with all that, especially since based on previous LJ trends I expect the content there to draw way less comments anyway. Not to imply that people don't read or care, but they tend to comment less - and those comments turn into discussions less - on personal rambles, which is fine by me.

Once more, with feeling: BLEH.