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This time, when we went to the opera, Hans had his new opera glasses. By "his" I mean, he brought them, and I proceeded to monopolize them all night so as to get close-ups of the lead's gorgeous cleavagebody language and acting. However, this meant I couldn't watch the translations up above. Next, I tried rotating the opera glasses to vertical and using one eye for close-ups and one eye for the big picture and translation. This worked really well, as with the correct independent eye adjustments it was almost like a TV production with two cameras and cleverly superimposed images. While doing this, I re-learned the significance of left brain and right brain. Specifically, words need to come to me through my left side, so they go into my right brain and language centers. My left ear is ALWAYS my phone ear. And, it turns out, my left eye MUST be the eye to see the translations, or my brain simply drops the information as irrelevant.

I now wish to find an Operavision device that floats comfortably before my right eye and doesn't require me to brace my arm in a funny way to allow me to more passively create the visual superimposition that made this experience so enjoyable. Please let me know if such a thing exists to your knowledge.
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