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// This is why I don't post about politics... /

Yeah, go ahead, vote for Obama, he's clearly earned his darling of the radical left position. Don't cry when he winds up being another Clintonian centrist, just one flavored with charisma, post-boomer values, and more about actions than detail-minding. And pay close attention to who he gives his ear to, because that's going to matter a lot.

(Personally, I think Hillary would do a much better job, once there, but her campaign tactics have hurt her already shaky position, and I think she's convinced enough people she won't win for it to become a reality. Politics are complicated in a country with so much selective memory loss... or lack of historical education? Well, I didn't come here to snark about my country. I should have just said "vote Obama" and left it at that, now I'll look like a flip-flopper! ;)

[EDIT:] O WAIT I'm not done yet, I have something else to say and I want to get it all in one politics post. Another part of why I wanted to see Hillary in was something of the "you boomers got us into this mess, now stand up and get us out of it" mentality - and I really think she knows how, too. Her attention to detail is amazing, and she saw and activated on many major issues way, way before they hit the public mind.

ALSO, Washington is very, very weird with its primaries. I can't vote in Cali's, because I'm registered there as a 3rd party. I might be able to get registered to vote in WA, but apparently my vote doesn't actually COUNT in the primaries here and it's all very smoking the crack. In conclusion, if I can't manage to vote here, I won't cry, and I'll just make sure I'm all registered locally before the REAL election.

[EDIT2: Watching today's debate now. Anybody else notice how Obama keeps gesturing into Clinton's space and how she moves towards and away from him as she's drawing comparisons and contrasts, but is less willing to invade his space?]

[EDIT3: Number of times I've said "OH SNAP!!!" so far: 23]

[EDIT4: I would so like to hear, just once, in a debate, someone respond to the 'well, you changed your position on that from time x to time y' with 'I took in more information and talked to experts and really studied it and realized my initial reaction was slightly off the mark, and decided it was better to be right than to stand firm on something wrong'. Now THAT would earn MY vote.]

[FINAL: The thing is, Clinton CLEARLY has a much better understanding of what she'd be getting in to. There's an uncomfortable idealism in a lot of Obama's assertive-visionary mode. There's more power in them as a team than either alone.]
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