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A friend of mine is doing a pretty cool project called Reciprocity, involving "karma coins" and a "pass it on" structure for good deeds. I know we're all broke right now, but he needs a bit of a kick-start to get this thing off the ground. You can donate straight if it's a small amount and IT'S ALL TAX DEDUCTIBLE WOO! OR, you can purchase a/series of coins for $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100, and everything over the price of the coin pressing (prolly $3-4 each) is deductible. Wacky IRS.

So I tried to tell him he probably won't see much happening until the end of the year when people need the tax deductions, but he's not giving up, so I guess I'll try to help as well as I can with under 30 readers (and everyone you guys know, of course). If this seems at all Neat to you, pass it on. If you mention my name as what led you to donate, I'll even MATCH YOUR DONATION, up to $1500 total. I'll re-post this periodically until my matching donation has been tapped out.
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