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- I've been listening to Wagner's Meistersinger and amusing myself by trying to guess the plot from the music. This definitely feels like one of those works from towards the end of one's career. It's well-developed, and contains many, many nods back to earlier work he'd done.

- I watched My Neighbors the Yamadas last night. I wouldn't have paid to rent it based on the animation style, but I justified a borrow and I'm glad I did. If you can get past the animation style (I never could, it was like pouring salt in my sensitive artiste eyes the entire time), the story is very charming and it's interesting to compare and contrast American and Japanese core family ideas. I read a couple studies recently about the cultural grease of the West and East and how they differed, naturally going back to the big schism Campbell pounded on over and over between our big robust Western differentiated ego and the Eastern heavier emphasis on conformity and role and peace, and how Western large cities were starting to learn the lessons places like Tokyo couldn't survive without. Then, most beautiful of all, the elements beyond the difference, the ties of love and duty. I think my favorite moment was when he gets home from work late and all she has is a bean cake and a banana, and he bitches, but in the end he sighs and eats his banana and they lean exhausted against each other at the table, drawing strength from knowing the other is there. I cried my big American ass off at that.

- NOVA's "Ape Genius" show is available for watching on the internets now. It's utterly worth it. Have I ever mentioned how close I came to becoming a primatologist?

- Slate has a bit on the personality types of the main candidates. Has there ever been an ENTP president?

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