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An entire genre of my life was defined by my PalmPDA/phone and the GTD apps that everyone and their pants* were developing. Now my phone is in serious Issues state - most notably, 75% of the time I plug it in, it drains instead of charges. This is VERY ANNOYING and occasionally it makes me cry, scream, and hit things. But this is not about the woes of my Zaphod, this is more meta.

Now Palm is in trouble. They aren't saying it, but if you look at app sales, they're (the brand and all those under its umbrella) in trouble. The soon-to-come iPhone SDK could very well finish the job off. It feels like we're all hoping it'll also usher in a new era.

The state of GTD apps also appears to be in trouble. About 4/5 formerly popular and recommended apps are dead. Some are dead with a blog post saying so and recommending you go elsewhere, some are dead just from years of total radio silence. Many of the paid GTD apps that were big on the palm have either been expanding or shutting down. What are people using? Did they get so embedded in whateer that it doesn't matter that it hasn't been updated in years? Do they roll their own? Did they all roll back to hipster PDAs, a textfile, and a script? For that matter, what happened to the big CRM revolution? SOMEONE PROMISED ME BETTER PROCESS BUT THEY LIED!

I'm hungry for Goo-TD (an imaginary GTD offering from google's brain factory). (Here's another something I'd like to see - google buy salesforce and make it not suck. Anyone know what CRM they use internally there?) I'm ready to buy an iPhone, much-hated AT&T contract and all, as soon as 3G hits. I feel like I'm sitting smack dab in the middle of a technological mini-wasteland where my kind is using outdated tools that we're reluctant to give up because at least they mostly-work and we're holding out for...something.

Welcome to the void. What's next?

* "Pants" is apparently my new generic all-purpose word. It's faerieloch's fault, ultimately.
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