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// Thundersome Out-Rocking. /

The Ant Commandos are having a blowout sale on the Thunderbox Amp 28r. My hipster immersive Guitar Hero Experience setup includes a pair of these for that "authentic" sound. These are actually not bad as far as speaker/amps go. Not exactly audiophile surround sound, but plays face-melting rock and is really beautifully thick through the lower ends. If you're the sort of bass-head that wants a full range on the low end (v-moda vibe headphones have a similar sweet spot), or you want to feel even more like a rock star when Tom Morello kicks your ass, you might consider nabbing one or two of these at a fantastic price.

These guys also make some sexy wireless double-fret (10 buttons!) flying Vs and now a double-range wireless bass as well. I have the original double-fret V and it's still my favorite GH guitar.

(Nobody's paying me to say this, I really do have them and I really do love them.)
Tags: good little consumer, nifty geek toys

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