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// Plague Overview. /

Sunday: Felt vaguely icky, but told myself I was just a wuss. Got fancy Clover coffee with Hans, walked around TangleTown, went shopping, got a cheezbrgr, then suddenly felt very full of biological distress. Walked home, felt ungodly exhausted, puttered around online, and went to bed early.

Monday: Death Fever. Spent ALL DAY in bed. Sweating and feeling absolutely terrible. By the evening, fever was up to nearly 103 so I took Advil to get it under control. Attempted to take a shower but failed really bad and had to nap covered in wet on the bed to get enough energy to dry off. Bad scene, feeling very scared.

Tuesday: Wonderful boyfriend brings me Jamba Juice and coffee (and flowers!) after learning I haven't had anything but gatorade since Sunday night. I'm still shocked from having actually gotten really sick (it's usually a less-than-once-a-year thing for me).

Wednesday: Probably the worst day for my psyche. Lots of coughing, but dry and producing nothing but big pain. Crying a lot in confusion and frustration and fever. Feeling very weak and vulnerable. Changed clothes 3-4 times due to sweating. Hans stops by to check on me and I'm all clingy and emo and cover him in disease.

Thursday: The day of much snot. Constant small uncontrollable trickle of clear snot, requires very frequent nose blowing, makes sleep very challenging. Fabulous boyfriend brought me Thai to feed my sickness, said he thought I was looking a bit better.

Friday: Snotting is no longer constant. Nose is very crusty and blistered from blowing. Coughing is occasional proper deep bronchitis cough producing yellow stuff like it's supposed to. Slept pretty much all day because for the first time all week I COULD sleep without massive distress. No advil today, but fever never went over 100.3, occasional sweating. Feeling better now because I /recognize/ this set of symptoms and that it's the gateway towards recovery. Feeling pretty confident that this will, in fact, end on its own, though I'm certainly not making any weekend plans. Would, however, REALLY like the fever to just BREAK once and for all so I can start the recovery arc. :(
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