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// Post-Plague Routine. /

- Buy a bunch of disinfectant stuff. Lysol, Febreeze, bleach, rubbing alcohol. (Post-plague is pretty much the ONLY time I'll buy this sort of stuff. I'm generally fine with sharing my life with microbes. It's manly, or something. But the thought of sitting my freshly-undiseased self in the remains of my plague-sweat just grosses me out to no end.)

- Spray Lysol EVERYWHERE. Enough that I need to abandon the house for a little while.

- Swab/spray/soak the fuck out of everything I've touched. Doors, doorknobs, walls, desks, sinks, chairs...

- Change toothbrush, towels, etc.

- Collect towels, blankets, socks, nightgowns, everything that's been fluided upon. Arrange a series of hot/warm water laundry rounds. (This will usually take a couple days to complete.)

- Fill sink/bathtub with bleachy water and soak every dish (and other soakable object) I've used. This also has the convenient side effect of bleaching the sink/tub. Fill a spray bottle with bleachwater and hit the tiles and such too.

- Empty all trash cans and bleach them.
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