YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// In which I geek out in ways I had forgotten I could geek out. /

I started with wanting to upgrade my private GTD wiki software and ended with upgrading 3/4 of my installed webware. In between I did a lot of security tweaks, bossing MySQL around, and and cleaning up old dead things. I still wince a little (OK, a LOT) and triple-check when things like "rm -rf" and "DROP" are involved. I need to go back and set up some cron jobs once I finish figuring out how I want to run the new backup scripts. Now I'm moving a bunch (like, 400G worth of bunch) of local files around so I can make things more sensible when my new TB drive gets here. Once the admin hat goes on, it doesn't like to come off until it's made broad sweeping reforms in process efficiency.

It also makes me crave pizza and carbonated beverages.
Tags: geek fu

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