YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// Is there something in the coffee? /

In Safeway, headphones on, minding my own business, shopping.

Guy goes by with one of the car-buggies kids love. Two kids in it. He parks the buggy and shops. I notice the kids waving frantically, pull my headphones. They talk all over each other, assaulting me with a barrage of enthusiastic pronouncements.

"Hi! We like you a lot!"
"You're very pretty and we like your Tigger!" (referring to my tiger-character backpack)
"We also like Pooh too!"
"Yeah but we like Tigger more!"
"Yeah. Will you be our friend and play with us and Daddy?"

At which point their daddy returns from down the aisle, looking mostly embarrassed. " my tigger, I guess," I say, pointing to my backpack. He shuffles them off, not making eye contact, and they carry on shouting and waving at me until I'm out of sight.

I wonder at what point Seattle people go from exuberantly extraverted kids (which seem to be the norm here) to quiet, shy, withdrawn adults (which also seem to be the norm here)?
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