YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// Fanimutation Friday. /

NSFW! Some of these links might contain brief moments of things you don't want your boss seeing you watch. That said, if your boss tends to be cool, go ahead, it's not hardcore or anything.

- Remember Irrational Exuberance AKA the YATTA! Fanimutation?
-- But wait! There's more!

- Here's a hilarious take on a Fall Out Boy song. Way less worksafe than the rest, but there's something addictive about going down tuuu in a luleelurah.

- Or for a real thrill, check out Carmina Burana, alternate lyrics. Teh lulz!

- No list is sufficient without some CCR, is it?

I LOVE this genre.
Tags: awesome, fanimutations

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