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// Life in the Ad Void. /

I don't watch TV. (Hell, I don't own "a TV", but I avoid saying so because I DO own 2 LCD monitors which play things from my computers, and I DO own a variety of DVDs, I'll watch anything my friends like enough to lend me, and I dabble heavily in YouTube and other streaming media sites of potentially dubious legality. But my cable is for my cable modem only, and I don't have the necessary equipment to watch non-Internet TV.)

I also don't listen to the radio, at all (full CDs, iPod, or mix CDs in the car, podcasts at home). I don't read the newspaper as such, I just filter RSS feeds from various sources. I don't really go to movies, maybe one or two times a year when something I've actually heard of and was looking forward to plays. When I consume media most of the time, I'm very noncommittal; I'll "watch" a new show or movie by putting it on in the background and letting it compete for my attention. When I acquire new music, I'll put it in shuffle with a bunch of other stuff, do chores, and see if anything actually catches my ear. Most of my favorite media cuts through my fog of multitasking, grabs me by the heart, and makes me dance, or sit enrapt, or otherwise invades my little world and pulls me into the world the media is creating. Even with books, I tend to read while I'm walking around (while wearing headphones, sometimes!) or waiting in line or doing something else, so in order to endure to completion a book's got to be pretty solid. I adore audiobooks*, and I'm about to set up my old 1G nano as an audiobook-pod for walks and driving. As an adult, I don't like much fiction at all, so it's got to be REALLY special to hold me. I don't go to malls (often) or fast food joints (ever). I favor used CDs and books to new ones. Adblocker is pretty much the second thing I install on any computer system (right after FireFox).

So what's my point? I live in the advertising VOID. I'm just not exposed to most of the advertising out there. So much so that when I am, my first response is usually to examine and critique the effectiveness of the advertising. I've walked into open houses and immediately complimented the quality of the staging - something the buyer is in theory supposed to not even consciously notice. I know that I need to look at something other than the ad to know if I'll like the product or not, so the ad becomes an isolated product in and of itself.

This makes for things like it having been 2007 before I watched Battlestar Galactica. Or waking up one day and discovering I don't own a single CD made in the past 5 years (that might be an exaggeration, but it's not much of one). And when I "discover" something, I literally have NO IDEA if "people" have ever heard of it, love it, hate it, or are sick of it being overplayed, until after I've decided I like it and start researching it. I heard of Corinne Bailey Rae when her husband was found dead and it showed up as a related item in a newsfeed. I heard of Panic! at the Disco because they were linked to off of some wikipedia article I was reading. I heard of Fall Out Boy because of that misheard lyrics YouTube I've been abusing. I've STILL never watched the Buffy TV series. Not one episode. I just watched Firefly last year. It's kinda strange for someone who grew up priding themself on being on the cutting edge of media, and even considered going into promotions as a career.

(The funniest part about all of this is that I still somehow manage to come across giving the impression of being full of hip and bleeding-edgy culture. I guess my internal press team is doing a good job of reality distortion.)

* Audiobooks and eBooks are interesting. I understand that they've never really taken off hardcore for the general public, but I LOVE them. I love tossing PDFs on my PDA and having 5 different books at hand at any second, to be whipped out when an unexpected wait in line happens, without having to carry around a big wad of paper. I love audiobooks because I can learn about things (I tend to favor nonfiction audiobooks and podcasts, and fiction eBooks) while I'm doing things that are keeping my eyes and hands occupied. I've actually never met another person as excited by eBooks and audiobooks as I am. I know they must exist; maybe we've passed each other, PDA in hand and buds in ears, and exchanged some small nod as we deftly used our peripheral senses to avoid colliding on the busy sidewalk.
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