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// Dragonlance the Animation./

Things I learned from watching the Dragonlance animation:
- The species of dragons can be recognized in D&D-related worlds because they are CG while normal creatures and unicorns are merely hand-drawn. However, when Draconians die, they turn from CG rock to hand-drawn dust.
- Also, dragons talk exactly like normal people. These little voices come out of these huge beasts filled with fire and acid and shit. Yeeeeah, it hurt to sit through those parts.
- Fire on Krynn is very pale and conforms exactly to the shape of the object burning. Also, misty breath is CG. Maybe it's related to dragons.
- I've mentioned CG things because, while say Disney or Ghibli can pull off mixing CG and hand-drawn, these guys CAN'T. It's all kinds of fail. They've basically taken the production values of 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons and applied them to over an hour format with apparently more-but-not-enough budget.
- Everyone can see Tanis's ears except we the audience. So the characters pick on his pointy ears, but we just see his beard.
- Elves are more affected by shadows than everyone else. And the light source of their shadows randomly moves around to unlikely places.
- I've been pronouncing half the names wrong my entire life. mee-SHA-kal? Buh-Poo? wtf?
- Did it resemble LotR THAT closely when I first read it?
- For the record, I loved the comic series, but this is a travesty.

- Sufficient alcohol can make almost anything better.
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