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Last night was like a dream. We went out for STEAK at Jak's, after repeated use of the term "value" on Yelp drew us in. Now, I eat steak like, once a year, if that. When I go eat steak, I want PRIME steak, I want it bloody and just barely warm, I want red wine to wash it down. Jak's delivered, and then some, and when we left I felt like we'd paid less than half of what we should have paid for such a meal. Even our waiter was superb, reading our cues perfectly, never showing up when he wasn't required.

Then after dinner, we went walking through Laurelhurst. Laurelhurst is AMAZING. First, there are BIG TREES. Big trees that were there long before the houses were, big trees in the medians and on the corners of blocks, big trees that the planners clearly planned around and offered design respect to. If you're down on the peninsula like we were, you have water on either side and a big hill-peak in the middle with a playfield on it. Secondly, the blink from the houses says to me, "it's like someone got a bunch of talented architects and told them, have some fun here, don't be afraid to do something a little different than anyone has ever seen before, but keep it classy." It's the first place I've been in in YEARS that didn't actively remind me of some other place(s) I'd been before. The retaining walls are almost all done right, the bad drops on slopes are drained off, and there's a big chunk of public park land right down on the water. The low land is expensive because it's on the water, the high land is expensive because it has views, and then there are a couple strips of land that are AMAZINGLY reasonably priced, above imaginary-scenario floodline, and you're still just half a block from panty-soiling views. And seriously, there was something fantastical and dream-like about walking around that beautiful place with the wind whipping through the big trees, and the sun fading over the lake that scented every breath of air with an invigorating brackish tang. We're thinking about going back on Sunday to see it in more daylight hopefully with more residents around.

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