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Wait, honey, Rover needs his Prozac.

If I were to write how I really feel about this, it would be so full of preaching and venom that I wouldn't want to proofread it. So I'll rope it back into something that doesn't burn my eyeballs. If people want to medicate themselves, as adults, fine. But now first children and then pets, for "disorders" dreamed up by drug companies that have been previously "treated" for GENERATIONS by what's now called "behavior modification" instead of "basic parenting/training". Yeah, don't worry about, oh, say, doing research about what a breed of dog needs as far as attention and exercise, and finding the right match for your lifestyle - or waiting until your lifestyle is a better match for a dog period - just give it pills for "separation anxiety" and leave it alone all the time, then give it "diet pills" because you're too busy to walk it. GRR. Very upsetting.

"Oh but they would have been put down otherwise," OKAY, and what, someone FORCED them to take a dog/cat they didn't want and were unprepared to have? Breeders and shelters are wandering around with guns forcing their animals on people? (Responsible breeders don't breed until they have approved homes for the entire potential litter, and they take back their pups and rehome themselves rather than let them go to shelters.) I hate how much this smacks of excuses for irresponsibility passed off as some great wonderful humanitarian life-saving effort. Damn, it's a good thing we can't euthanize children, otherwise the pharmas would be marketing kiddie Ritalin as the humane alternative to killing them.

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