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// Stuff for You: Treo users take note. /

I have a Tomtom bluetooth GPS add-on unit for Palm Treo. Includes windshield mounting bracket, software, cables, SD card, GPS itself, power cords, and even the box it came in. Known working, no known issues, includes awesome British voice. Free for friends, $30 for others, will be available in a couple weeks when I get a new tomtom. (Unless I find out some way to hack it so I can use it with other devices.) Awesome little GPS.

I also have the Palm-branded bluetooth headset for Treo, charges to about half its original charge strength, but should still give at least an hour of talk-time, uses the Treo's charger or quickcharges with batteries, might throw it in free if you need one, but I'm keeping the sexy metal case.
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