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A couple of sweet well-meaning Christians stopped by yesterday to attempt some conversions. These encounters are always interesting, but rarely productive for anyone.

"Don't you want peace?
"I have peace."
"Don't you want the whole world to be at peace?"
"I don't see how that's relevant. Wasn't the Inquisition performed in the name of Christ?"
"That was CATHOLICS."
"Weren't hundreds of innocent women burned as witches in the name of Christ?"
"That was A LONG TIME ago."
"So was the resurrection. Aren't gays persecuted and denied rights in the name of Christ TODAY? God made them, doesn't he love them too?"
"It's supported by the Word of God."
"Doesn't the Bible also say not to eat cheeseburgers?"
"That was overturned by Jesus. Did you know he died for your sins?"
"Did you know before the Bible, there were other Gods that died and were reborn to return fertility and Nature's cycles? In fact, some of the earliest written records we have involve a dying-reborn God named Dumuzi that's mythically related to Tammuz, an early God-King reflected by Osiris..."
"Are you some kind of Pagan?"
"No, I just read books."
"Good day."
"You too!

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