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// Nifty Stuff and moar the Future. / - casual synchronicity
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Mon, Jul. 28th, 2008 03:48 pm
// Nifty Stuff and moar the Future. /

Let's see, what's exciting?

I have an iPhone (2G) now. Typing on it definitely involves a learning curve, but it feels good in my pants. Apple/minime bookmarks matter in a way they never did before, though I suppose I could just make a wikipage for them. Haven't found out if keychains work on iFone yet. LB and SID both seem to have apps and conduits already, which is crazy exciting. Evernote is also exciting, and I'm kinda surprised it took seeing it on so many people's iPhones to get me to check it out. Lots to set up here, and I'm not really in a big hurry seeing as Fu has decided to develop a bad Mobo and there's a couple things I need to do there before I can drop Fu off for the probably month it'll take Apple to get the part and replace it, so that trumps.

In desktop news, Twhirl is surprisingly awesome, though the mac version seems much better than the Win version. ShareThis has transformed my bookmark bar from 7 YASNSs buttons to just one, and that's super awesome. Ping.fm is made of Fail cookies - they actually expect you to give them every login and password to YASNSs you have. AS IF! So it's basically completely useless to me, except for the long future I see for it as an example of what NOT to do in social media, snuggled up with Zune. Also on the potential mockery front, Cuil. I ran about 30 searches and was utterly unhappy with the results on every front. Meanwhile, MS*(!!?) has become my regular fall-back when the Goog pisses me off. Here's a tip for Cuil wankers: just being part of the group of people that founded something cool/successful doesn't mean you're a genius, it means you're LUCKY. You might also be a genius, but, LUCK. Stop treating it like it's anything else. Also, from a foot back your name looks like "Cull" which is what's going to happen to you. Sorry. Shoulda gone for Kewl.com.

Now, Brightkite is cool. It presses all my "OMG I love the Future" buttons and really the only thing it needs to take off is more people. Like you people. Especially if you have an iPhone OR unlimited TXT. Scroll back to my invitation post and sign up, because I seriously think this is one of the Niftiest things I've seen in a long, long time (that's like 7 in dog years).

* In case you haven't been following along, it's almost cool to like Microsoft again, that's how bad their image has gotten. I'm starting to think they should go after Linux's old market - people who want to get good performance out of old hardware, or not buy a new machine every 2 years. There's money there (selling a new modern OS to people with 4 year old HP laptops? Yes we can has!) and their brand is actually at the right place to make a break for that market now. Maybe also take greater control of hardware and go for the international Eee-esque market, except more rugged. The clouds are going to burst no matter what the hipsters want, and cloud services will allow the basic consumer to totally not need some energy-hungry powerhouse. Gamers will still be resource hogs, or maybe they'll just shift even further to consoles, which has already started happening. Obama might actually loose to McCain, not in small part due to the fact that these white hip internet middle class kids might not manage to get off their whiny asses and actually go vote (they're too busy defacing small businesses and city property in a desperate cry for attention - err, I mean "tagging**"), as well as the fact that there's still plenty of America that doesn't live in coastal urban centers. Not that it really maters all that much, since this is America and it's like choosing between a Whopper and a Big Mac with extra rBST AND BACON. Nommy. Also Apple's making a JesusTablet and I will be one of those poor saps in line next year(?) the day before it's released to get something that will break constantly. HURT ME MORE APPLE I LIKE IT.

** I want to come up with some way to tag taggers. Like maybe take photos of their tags, skitch on "IZ A WANKER" or "LOVES THE COCK***", and upload it to a location-based micromoblogging service. Or carry around chalk and "tag" the tags, like with internet-type tags (culture, lame, newfag). I like the former option better because it happens at an AR-meta-level so you can so a lot of sark before they even catch on, and chances are good that their friends on MySpace might catch on first, o the lulz!

*** WRT: deleted comments, the target here is "things that would offend the young bored anonymous middle class white suburban 14to20somethings", not "PC". I kinda think (photo of tag)D1GGZ (edited)DOESN'T COMPOST wouldn't have quite the same impact as it would if I used it to mock YOU(my TENS of readers). Do we really need to be uptight about stuff like this? I'm more of the Avenue Q school of verbalism personally. Also, I love the phrase "LOVES THE COCK". Also, I love the cock. Is there something wrong with loving the cock? Also, my boyfriend's parents aren't reading this, right? Also also, you don't have to delete comments here, we're allowed to disagree with each other. Sometimes it even makes us smarter when we do that.

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digital atraya
Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008 01:02 am (UTC)
new phone...

... but does it actually function as a phone? :P

Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
Re: new phone...

Well, the first call I got I couldn't hear them. But the second call worked. Next I have to find out if my bluetooth set works or if I have to get one of those hipster Jawbones. Also, my nights&weekends now start at 9 :( But I have rollover minutes so it might balance out.

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Chris LaPlante
Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)

didn't take long to get in your pants ...

Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)

I've been wanting it in my pants for a YEAR. I was SO READY for it, it just slipped right in! But shame on me, I didn't put a protective cover on it first!

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