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// More software gems and Stuff for You. /

LifeBalance 4 has a whole lot of subtle but highly effective changes, enough to make me feel bad for waiting so long to upgrade. For example, instead of everything on LB synching to your main iCal, you can now associate Projects with separate iCals. This seems like a tiny, tiny thing, but functionally it opens up LB for greater integration into the rest of my digital life, instead of just being this great tool that I leave over here in the corner for handling "big picture" strategies. I know none of you use it and don't really get my romance with thus software, but the smoothness of process version 4 enables makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Delicious Library 2 is MUCH better than 1 was, and while it's still not perfect and it's kinda annoying how closely tied to Amazon it is, I must admit I really enjoy the experience of using it, including the *beep* sound and the voice announcing the item it has just added. It's MUCH more fun than just entering stuff in a spreadsheet, though it's not really anywhere near robust enough yet to actually do my whole home inventory, and it irks me that there are no custom fields - I like to record vendor and tax/shipping costs as well, and I have to stick them in "notes" currently. :P

Also, if you have an iPhone, GET TAP TAP REVENGE. NUFF SAID.

I have a $15 off $100 coupon for Circuit City that expires on the 31st that I got with my GPS. I hate it when they send coupons that expire within the week. I'll give the code to the first person who needs and asks for it.

I have a stainless steel milk frother thinggy, you know, the manual kind where you pump to make froth. Works very well, just pulled it out of storage and tested it today. I really don't need it anymore (hence the being in a box for the past year). Yours FREE, in the name of reducing my clutter!

I have a conveniently small sized cannister-type Hoover windtunnel vacuum cleaner with lots of spare bags. It is missing the one attachment that gets plugged in to the main unit and is the huge sweeping brush unit, but has all other attachments. You can get a replacement attachment if you need it, but if you're in like 800sqft or less and don't have a hairy pet, you shouldn't really need it. FREE!

Last two items can be driven down to the SF Bay area as well as given to locals. If shipping is required, you cover that.
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