YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// Geosnarking. /

So, um, does anybody know of an iPhone app that will upload photos to Flickr WITH the geotagging intact? Emailing it appears to (still) strip it, and all the flickr-related apps I've tried are for viewing, not uploading.

EDIT: ShuZu = no geotags, but lots of interop. AirMe = geotag, weathertag, but you need to photo from in the app which is kinda a pain. Can't find way to upload existing photoroll.

Please excuse massive spam tonight as I look at apps.

EDIT EDIT: Shozu says it will add geotagging soon. Apparently iPhone won't let apps access geotagging data so they have to do workarounds? Maybe I'll keep playing with it a bit longer? Or mofotoblog to brightkite and then iPhoto anything else up later? Death by suboptimal options.

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