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// TomTom 730 Virgin Run. /

I broke in my new TomTom 730 GPS today taking Hans to the airport. True to TomTOm form, the arrival time estimate was amazingly accurate. The addition of downloadable and roll-your-own voices addresses something I've wanted to see in a GPS approximately forever - you can have Her Royal Highness, or John Cleese, or a sexy Scott, or even Yoda give you directions. The other feature I've wanted forever is advanced lane guidance - there's this one interchange in Bellevue and one in the Bay that I would ALWAYS mess up with the old TomTom because the lanes peeled off in odd ways and the next-road-names were misleading, but with ALG it zooms in on the section of road you're on and shows you exactly which lanes, merge points, and other tricksy details you need to stick to to get where you're going when 5 roads meet up, merge, and re-split rapidly. It kept signal under several tunnels, and can also get signal inside my house. It doesn't have the accelerometer thing the 930 does, and got very confused as I was leaving the airport through the perpetual construction, but it wasn't a problem at all. I asked it to route around the huge traffic jam on I5N I had seen while heading south, and it sent me through the soopah seekrit Western route where I got to look over to the highway and laugh at the stop-and-go-but-mostly-stop people as I zoomed along at 60mph, then it dumped me back on the highway less than a mile after the jam thinned. WIN. It pairs with my iPhone and allows me to use hands-free and even place calls using the TomTom. There are like 400 more features I haven't even played with yet. Between this and the iPhone, I'm in gadgetgasm land.
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