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I've noticed that several of the leading-edge Steampunk chic-ers are getting sick of it and moving on to other stuff. If patterns hold, this means Steampunk is due to get SUPER BIG pretty soon here. Here, have some popcorn.

A _SMALL_ dollop of Nutella (it's a strong flavor) does WONDERS for White Mochas.

I got my BF Soul Caliber 4 for an early birthday present. And then I whupped his ass soundly at it. Turns out he's NEVER played SC. GASP! Is Yoda ridiculously overpowered or what?

I think we're the last people EVER to get on the Portal bandwagon. It really is all that.

Also, I'm smart. Sometimes I forget that, but then I get confronted with problems and puzzles and rip through them cleverly and wind up in a kind of daze, because most of the time in a social world of programmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors, I don't consider myself very smart. It's just that my form of smart is very results-oriented, and I tend to focus a lot more on my "intuitive" Blink skills.

I think I figured out why I never post anything of real emotional substance here anymore, but I haven't decided if I want to change it or not. There might be a nice compromise in a weekly summary or something.

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