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// Weekend Adventures in the Key of Food. /

The weekend, in 5 courses.

Funny Story.
I think my favorite funny story about Hans all weekend was when his dad mentioned that one of the only times Hans was rebellious was when his dad played rock-n-roll and Bob Marley, at which Hans retaliated by blasting Bach from his room. The detailed story involves a complex synthesis of specific tones and the way they carried through the walls, but I like it 200% better without the details.

Mighty Hunter!
I did a bunch of new things last weekend, and new things are always exciting. I rode a ferry (small people chartered ferry to/from Decatur) AND a car-ferry from Whidbey Island. I learned to dig clams and was actually pretty good at it! And I killed crabs by whacking them with an oar and learned to clean them and then immediately taught someone else, which was super cool. And then I ATE the crabs I killed and Hans cooked and that was JUST ABOUT THE COOLEST THING EVER. I drove a boat and was totally NOT good at it! That was interesting because I took to flying a plane almost immediately and intuitively, and water was just foreign and it totally felt like a major confusing struggle to try to understand it or how to work with it or find out what I wanted to know from it. I wonder if I'd be any better with a sail-boat, since there's more wind involved?

Nothing exceeds like excess.
Hans's family has this ritual thing with eating. Actually, it's probably "Dining" or something. They eat like it's Thanksgiving on vacation, and one would conjecture they just have a big festival of food all day long on eating-oriented Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everybody contributes, the food is amazing, and everybody clearly enjoys themselves while they talk about all sorts of everything while meals go ON and ON for HOURS with COURSES and COURSES of food and wine and coffee and scotch. I mean, I've hung out with plenty of diverse families at their eating rituals, but I've seriously never encountered such an amazing vibe of ritual food appreciation ANYWHERE before.

I also got to be strong and chuck around some decent-sized logs. And I got to be handy and fix a broken faucet. And I got to be smart and talk about science and how the internet works and hackers and enterprise security and how qmail is superior to sendmail.

I saw a corner-lot castle in Suburbia, I visited a mostly-Red (GOP) town and found its liberal high-school coffee shop which had dilettante chocolate mochas, I saw Paul Allen's island, explored Deception Point, took some pictures, crossed Whidbey Island, and ate at Ivar's.
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