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Minime* is now up to _90 days_ of free services for its entire customer base on account of the severe planning and launching fail of the switchover. Oof, that's gotta be expensive. However, I am encouraged by the fact that even Steve is pissed about it. Apple has NEVER had a good grasp on Enterprise Operations before. Yes, they'll have a lot more growing pains to work through, but the really exciting thing about this, to me, is that by having their own spotlighted, important Enterprise Ops branch, they might actually start understanding what enterprises need, which they need to do if they ever truly hope to cut into the business market. Now the thing to watch is if they learn to LISTEN to their Ops, rather than just berate their failures. The big prize here is NOT MiniMe subscribers revenue, but rather the chance for the company to understand the pains of something they've never really turned their powerful problem-solving refinement capabilities on before. I don't believe Google can learn Customer Service, but I DO believe Apple can learn Enterprise Ops.

* Apple's MobileMe, which I can't seem to stop calling Minime.

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