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While I am an awesome hunter-gatherer of island foodstuff, seekrit information, and major sales, Hans is an excellent hunter-gatherer of things like Primo Opera seats. We launched the season last weekend in our new seats. No longer up in the near-private nosebleed box, now we are down in the main floor where you can feel the bass in the soles of your shoes and the sound is rich and incredible and just crashes over you and your eyes see what the opera glasses saw before* and the opera glasses see the fine lines on the performers' faces. Also, there are more rude people that cough and talk over things and clap at inappropriate times and sneak out mid-act, but the show is so much more dazzling from there so I only noticed during the boring repetitive Bel Canto-esque parts. I am even more convinced than ever that the balcony just above and slightly behind us is THE sweet spot, and some day we'll manage to get seats there and I'll explode.

* Except for the cleavage. There was a LOT of cleavage from up in the box.

I thought I had more to say, but I appear to have forgotten it while gushing over the opera seats. I'll come back and write more if I think of it.

Now, pizza and Avatar.
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