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// One state two state red state blue state. /

This is an interesting post about state/party leanings over recent history. I'm hoping some of y'all out there know a LOT about historic trends and can speak about what's going on there and what trends we actually are and are not seeing.

I noticed something interesting when we we headed up to Decatur through Red portions of the state the other week. Traditionally I'm used to seeing Republican campaigns run with the "Red" concept and make their sign backgrounds red, and the Dems will make their signs blue (usually with white text and the non-background color as hilighting. However, this time the GOP seems to have taken back both red and blue, and their signs would be both colors, with lots of American flags. (We drove by some sort of demonstration where the GOP was on one side of the major intersection in town with a HUGE LONG LINE of flags fluttering loudly in the breeze, and the Dems off to the other side utterly sans flags. I wanted to go back and take pictures but it was hot and a nap wound up being more important.) The Dems, on the other hand, seem to have co-opted the color green in to make up for things. White text on dark green backgrounds, black text on light green backgrounds, over and over again the green signs would carry the little (D) in the corner. When did this happen? Is it a tactic used in mostly-GOP areas, or something unique to Washington? Has war and oil become such an issue that the Dems given up on being considered part of America and now they're aligning with the environment (that's what the color green seems most associated with verbally right now, "green tech, green businbess, green initiatives")? Report in from your part of the country and tell me if you see this too!

EDIT: While I'm linking to OPP (Other People's Politics), this one contains some discussion and links relating to compulsory voting and Australia as an example. I for some reason had thought we had all discussed this to death after the last election, but it seems there's some value in bringing it up again now.
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