YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// Full of Busy. /

I watched the last (4) episode(s) of Avatar and now it is over and I am sad.

But the Ember Island Players endorse Zutara! I think Hans is totally right that it's like a nod to the adults watching, that "no, you're not imagining it, we're just keeping it a KIDS' SHOW. Go write fanfic or something."

Tomorrow is PAX, but I never gave anybody my new phone number so ummmm if you're there email me at macdotcom and I can call you or email you my number back or something. OR you can send me an LJ TXT if you're a registered LJ user. OR you can Twitter or Twinkle @ the same me that's at macdotcom. [Placeholder for if I get GrandCentral set up before I go to sleep.]

Sunday is Bumbershoot, same deal.

I'm glad it's supposed to not be hot, so maybe the nerds will be less smelly this year.

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