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// Health Care Plan Analysis. /

* Tax Policy Center report on both proposals.

* Health Affairs on McCain Plan and Obama Plan.

* Frontline's Sick Around The World series on how other countries handle their health care. I like most of these plans much more than either of our presidential candidates' plans. I'd also like to note that I've seen some of the major insurance carriers, in particular the Blues and Aetna, doing a lot of small but very interesting trials with alternative systems of health care management and, while I don't like many of them, I'm encouraged to see them taking initiative and working on it.

* McCain and Obama on VA health care. I have vast military ties in my family, yet I still fall much more on the Obama side on this issue. Vets DO have special needs, and the VA system IS better set up with resources and expertise to meet those needs, and I would much rather make it work EVEN BETTER than undermine it. These people have risked their very lives and given of their own health to protect our country, and they deserve the very best care we can offer them in return. "Support our troops" doesn't end when they get back home.

I know there's a lot of TL;DR there, but if you make it through you can sound like you know what you're talking about instead of regurgitating un-fact-checked media sensationalism. ^_^
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