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// My mind is weird sometimes. /

Doc Brown: "One Point Twenty-One Gigabytes* of disk space!? One Point Twenty-One Gigabytes*?!? Well, futureboy, I'm sure in Twenty-ten you can fit that in your POCKET, but here in 1992 that's a LARGE ARRAY of space. The only thing that could generate that is a bolt of lightning! a memetically popular distributed sharing system. Unfortunately, you never know when or where those will strike! ... Oh I know, we'll call it SETI and pretend it's looking for aliens, and thousands of well-meaning lab sysadmins will help us get you back home - BACK TO THE FUTURE!"

* pronounced "jig-a-bites" of course.

  • // Angyl's Deal of the Week. /

    2G Crucial so-dimms for $30 each, rebate involved. Macbook Pro, meet maxed RAM! This deal ends the 29th, so git on it.

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    Ohai LJ. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year and all that jazz. If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles on Facebook or wherever…

  • Pants fail

    Pants fail, originally uploaded by angyl.

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