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Today, my lolitics have a large measurable bias. Sorry. I'm PMSing. But this is totally my new favorite political icon ever.

Because I know my word means less (to the military) than someone who has actually served in the military, here's a Vet's case against McCain. I'd much rather see debates about this kind of thing than see both sides wall themselves off and refuse to talk about the details.

A fictional conversation between Obama and... a fictional President! Full of West Wing snark! (via dduane)

Bill O'Reilly needs the first amendment explained to him ... repeatedly. (via rubicantoto)

Everyone's throwing around the partisan stock market thing again. Except it's not actually about partisanship. Doesn't it get boring rediscovering the same fallacies every 4 years? SRS.

And now, here's something totally not about politics, and totally about video games - specifically, the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER: Zelda cosplay HIP HOP DANCE FEST! HOLY CRAP. (via arethiel) (* with subtitles) (** and if you're a million years old like me, you totally remember the American Zelda minirap. Please note the HUGE NERD clearly portrayed as the NES owner. NO ILLUSIONS! Those huge nerds from the 80s are now successful adults dating awesome ass-kicking girlgeeks like me. JUST SAYIN.) (*** AND the 5-3 rap, which is not safe for work aloud.) (And I still think Legend of Zelda: A Pain in my Ass is the best Zelda parody EVAH.)
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