YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

PA180064 - Shooz

PA180064 - Shooz, originally uploaded by angyl.
Obligatory artsy shot - faaabulous shooz!
I was going through the stuff I shot on my birthday, and when this came up on the top monitor I burst out laughing because it was (unintentionally) soooo artskool-tastic.

P.S. I am just about at the point where flickr starts scrolling my old photos off*, which I've been trying to avoid. If anyone would like to be so awesome as to GET ME A PRO ACCOUNT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I promise to post photos much more often! <<3

* OH WAIT I was WRONG. I guess they upped that limit on freebie accounts, and so I'm actually only halfway there. However, a Pro account would STILL give me motivation to post moar, so the offer still stands even if the relevant need doesn't.

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