YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// In Under Budget! /

I slept a WHOLE LOT and now I feel MUCH BETTER. I think I was forgetting that my need for sleep seriously ramps up in the winter, and my body pays the price quickly if I neglect that.

Also, the $$$$ electrical job turned into a $$$ job, and basically all the remaining issues I definitely need to address on the house this winter are all related to water and drainage, and once I fix that we'll be in excellent shape to proceed with cosmetics. It is really going super, it's costing a lot less to fix all the big issues than I had anticipated, which means we'll have some real good buffer for the things that will inevitably come in over budget.

I either need a greenhaus icon or to set up a side blog for it. It feels like it's taking over my LJ.
Tags: greenhaus

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