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// ZOOOOOOM (Claire pls reply?) /

How long can this crazy manicness last in Teh Darque before I succumb to some dreary plague of doom? I hope we won't find out.

Today the furnace was re-fixed (free), and I got a new MacBook battery (free), possibly closing off two problems I've been working on for weeks. Had to detour to pick up the cashier's check for puppy. Also into moving stuff around from the garage to better locations. Finally, we put together some of our Ikea bookshelves. It doesn't seem like all that much when I type it out, but I was running another 12-hour GTD day, and it's not over yet.

Now I am trying to get two loads of laundry and dishes done before I go to bed, to sleep not enough hours before I make a phonecall at OMGWTF AM then nap a bit more than have breakfast, get puppy, go puppy supply shopping, and try to tire puppy out while Hans is swinging his sword around. Then we need to get a dehumidifier from Sears for the basement. Then feed the puppy, feed us, and figure out where puppy is going to spend the night. I'll need to come back to Roosevelt to pay bills and do more laundry and hopefully pack up more stuff to take to greenhaus.

Sunday I need to do the errands I was supposed to be doing Saturday, so Hans will be in charge of the puppy for the afternoon. I also hope to get in some slacking, because I need it sooooooo bad.

Monday & Tuesday will be packing & prepping & doing whatever last-minute things so I can leave for Cali at OMGWTF AM Wednesday. I still do not know where I am staying that night - Claire, did you ask your parents if I can crash with you guys? If not, it'll be with AJT, and I'll be heading back to Seattle on Saturday after a brief stop in SF. (If I can crash with Claire AND the puppy is taking travel well, I MIGHT stay Saturday night with AJT, which would give me Saturday afternoon and evening to be social-with-puppy, but since it's very tentative I'm not scheduling it, so I don't have to cancel on anyone. Watch my LJ/Twitter for updates later in the week.)

I am pretty much all booked up for my Bay visit, and I send my deepest apologies to the majority of you, that I never even tried to schedule in. Hans and I will stop by the Heaton Thanksgiving after we finish at the Andersen one. I am not sure if it would be a good idea to bring puppy to that tho, so you may have to walk to the Andersens to see him. Friday during the day I have stuff to do with Hans, and then I have RL people to visit in Santa Cruz area - as well as a Very Necessary trip to the Sock Shop. I hopefully intend to go to coffee pudding on Friday evening, maybe with puppy, so those of you in PA/MtnView may want to meet up with me there if you are able. I know, there are a lot of maybes here, but I have to run a lot of things by ear depending on how the puppy is handling things.
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