YES WE CAN HAS! (aaangyl) wrote,

// Maybe we should have named him "Stitch". /

Keys to keeping the alien under control:

- Several different toys in every room of the house. At the least, each room needs a nomstick and something fuzzy, so he can be redirected to the right toy depending on what he was incorrectly nomming on.
- Cookies and poo-bags should be in your pockets at all times, and each room needs a clean rag towel.
- Puppies that go out of your sight _will_ either piddle or damage something. Keep them closed in whatever room you're in.
- You have about 30 seconds between puppy letting you know he needs to pee and him peeing, if you're lucky enough to get warning. Therefore you can never do anything that you can't walk away from at 5 seconds' notice while puppy is awake. Hence, doing 15 minutes worth of dishes can take about an hour.
- Going outside every 2 hours, even if it means waking him up, for potty, will teach him proper bathroom behavior, and reduce the number of times you need to clean up messes.
- Long walks, even in the rain, to tire him out. A tired puppy is a cute puppy. A wired puppy is an evil alien.
- Puppies only have about 7 hours a day of wired in them, distributed through 12 hours, leaving you with just enough time to wash the towels and feed yourself. (Still trying to figure out how to work daily showers back into my schedule.)
- Constantly remind yourself that this isn't forever, that he WILL grow up, and that the work you're doing now will make him an easy to live with adult dog.
- He's REALLY lucky that he's so cute.
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