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// Puppy Improving. /

Png seems to be improving, so I'm betting it was something he ate, probably the bone. Next week I'll let him have it for a very short time, after he's had a full proper meal, and see what happens there. He's probably lacking something to digest the bone stuff, but Gif was able to nom smoked bones and even raw shanks in very small amounts without his system going crazy, so I'll give it one more try, and if that doesn't work I'll prolly put it in the fridge and try again when he's a little older and his system is a little more developed, just because he loved it so much.

Today he socialized with a lot of people and was generally a good boy. He hasn't topped 3 piddles a day inside for several days now, and even his icky poos were done outside, so now it's mostly just a matter of waiting for his bladder control to improve as he grows up. He's okay with me being in other rooms about half the time now, though he still has his crazy-clingy moments. He's crying less when I crate him for the night, and I can sometimes slip outside for short periods without him going crazy. He's got 'sit' about halfway down, but he hasn't yet had that AH-HA moment where they realize some words are Commands and they mean Actions and when you do them you are Good (and sometimes get Cookies). He's leash-walking for me quite well, but he's still misbehaving for other people so we need to work on that, or maybe start working on 'heel' early. Overall he's doing impressively well for a two-month-old.

And now he's zonked out under my chair so maybe I can get some laundry done before bed!

OH AND ALSO, he makes "OMG I'll die if I don't get some of that!" noises over COFFEE. From the moment I grind the beans until I finish the coffee, he NEEDS it. I've never given him any. He's weird.
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