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Getting really sick of the snow now.

Puppy got worms, poor little guy. Hans picked up some de-wormer, so PNG should stop pooping spaghetti some time soon.

Puppy is 12 pounds now - that's twice as big as when we brought him home. He's also really looking like a proper Keeshond now, so much so that I'm surprised at least once a day at how little he is - my brain keeps wanting to think he's a fullsize Kee viewed from farther away than I actually am. He's generally much less bratty now, the nomming is largely under control, and he knows "sit", "down", and "wait", as well as "sit/wait" when I open the door (though sometimes he cheats). He leash-walks as well as could be expected for a puppy his age, and he's getting better at dealing with distractions like other people/dogs. He's learning "get it!", "bring it here", "give it", and "find your toy". I think we'll work on some combination of roll over, jump, stand up, spin, and/or shake next. He's still Very Bad at "come" when he doesn't want to, and he won't be allowed to play off-leash until he gets that down SOLID, so we still have a lot of work to do in the next 2 months. After the new year he'll be old enough for puppy kindergarten, which should really help with the obedience under distracting conditions thing, as well as socializing with other dogs.
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