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// Puppy Trials. /

PNG is now 16 pounds, and big enough to get into everything short of the counters. When he's full-grown, he'll be a danger to the edge of counters and kitchen tables. He's also in full-bore brat mode, a stage that generally lasts until the end of teething around 6 months. He hasn't started losing his milk teeth yet, tho. I absolutely can't leave him unsupervised while I do something at all anymore, he's destroying something new in under 5 minutes. So our day consists mostly of him spending time locked in the bathroom, or being outside running around to try to exhaust him. He's safe when he's asleep, at least. But when he curls up against me just before bed and puts his little paw in my hand and rests his head on my elbow, or when he tickles Hans by licking his ears, that helps me get through the next day.

I can't believe I haven't lost 10 pounds from walking and running him around for hours every day, though. WTF?

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