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// Fandomgasm is not for me. /

Everything you need to know about Dreamwidth. Sigh.

In somewhat related news, I'm setting up a blog and personal journal on my own site. I'm using Disqus for at least one of them*, which supports OpenID and Facebook Connect, so we'll have threaded comments you don't need to register for anything else to leave and track. I guess I'll keep the LJ account around just in case, since it's perm. and all.

* I have it set up for the blog portion. I'm still undecided on if I want to link the journal in with all that, especially since based on previous LJ trends I expect the content there to draw way less comments anyway. Not to imply that people don't read or care, but they tend to comment less - and those comments turn into discussions less - on personal rambles, which is fine by me.

Once more, with feeling: BLEH.

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