February 6th, 2008

Jar Jar W. Binks

// The Problem of Masses. /

Remember when some of you were asking me if I was excited about the elections, and I said I'd wait to be excited until I saw the turnout numbers? There was a reason for that. As it happens, someone else has already written out the story of the numbers for me, so all I am left to say is that yes, I am getting excited now. The story of elections in America is more about which demographics rally and care enough to go out and vote than ANYTHING else, even moreso than who they THINK they're voting for when they head to the polling place. That's why the patterns are all so extreme-reactionary. If you follow the studies on loading and emotional decisions, this might make more sense, but I'm seriously not talking out of my ass. Election-politics and mass social psychology aren't so far removed from each other.

// You can't buy 'hip'. /

What's your theory on what's really behind the M$/Y! thing?

Opportunistic hardship snatch? To keep them from continuing down the avenue of unholy alliance with Google and Apple? Property? Side effect of insufficient sunlight?

(If you can't tell me here, ping me somewhere else.)