April 26th, 2008


// MBP FTW. /

The MacBook Pro's speakers are impressive. Several times now, I've stopped to go, "wow, that sound is coming out of crappy LAPTOP speakers??" Don't misunderstand, they're still crappier than headphones or "real" speakers. But you can actually listen to symphonic music without wanting to cut off your ears. They're several hops better than the old (15-17") Powerbook speakers, and they seem to simulate surround for a really reasonably sized radius around the laptop.

The other really notable thing about the MacBook Pro is how cool it runs. They've made some real leaps in heat and power, and even when I'm working it, the Pro is distinctly cooler than my other laptops, cool enough to sit on my bare-skinned lap. All in all this makes me feel very positive about the future.

Now where's my 3G JesusPhone? I'm getting sick of arguing with my Treo, and my Sprint contract is up.

Hmm, I need to update this icon now that I have WA plates.
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// RAID and pillage. /

Dear Lazyweb,

I have this thought that involves using a mac laptop*, an external drive or two, and RAID. Am I insane or have you heard of this sort of thing working before?

I'm checking Google too, but real people I know are always better information sources.


* Specifically, Dulci the 17" 10.4-running PPC powerbook that I treat like a desktop and never take mobile. I'll use Time Machine and SuperDuper! with the Leopard machines.

[EDIT: Yes, you can do it. But it's really super impractically slow, so I'm not going to do it.]