September 2nd, 2008

Do The Evil Dance!

// PAX Populae. /

Caturday PAX.

- Pre-ordered the Rorschach Ink Blot Game from Bucephalus Games. It's like Apples to Apples but even more blatant! Makes me want some Freudian Slippers to wear while playing it.

- The Maw was my favorite indie video game at PAX, because it was SO SHINY. I mean, it's about feeding a giant cute purple monster!

- The highlight of PAX was getting a Pink Godzilla plushie. SO CUTE OMG SO CUTE.

- The other highlight was the "pitch your game" panel, which I'd heard such great things about in prior years, I decided I must attend. I agree with Gordon (and like half the audience) that two of the best ideas were "Mythical Big Game Hunter" (Deer Hunter except for cryptozoological and fantasy creatures) and Eco-Destroyer (seal clubbing, poisoning spotted owls, driving around in a boat with razor prop nailing manatees). I did NOT agree with Conquer Medieval Europe With A Single Tank because I had too many logical problems with the matter of ammo and fuel. I like the idea of bringing text-based noir games back, but disagreed with the DS concept unless somebody gets really creative with handwriting recognition and the definition of text-based. But I'd totally pay a couple bucks to download a Zork or HG2G-quality text game in the modern day, especially if it was snarky. I think someone should have pitched a Wii game you play with your butt. (Hey, if I knew how that would work, I would have pitched it myself!)

- I saw a bunch of other games. GH-tour-band players looked, honestly, BORED, or maybe full of concentration. They were NOT rocking out. Not even shifting weight from foot to foot in time with the music. It was suggested that since GH came first, its loyal players are more achievement-oriented and playing at more difficult levels than Rock Band con-players, which have the "have fun, rock out, amuse the crowd" energy much more. Starcraft 2 looked like SC1 only shinier and with much more res. Which is pretty much exactly what I want out of it. Got to see some Spore, and I'm still not sure if I'll LIKE it or not, but I'm still pretty sure they'll get my money anyway. There was also some DS turret defense game that seemed pretty cool but I'll let Hans get it and then steal it from him. What's this Little Planet Big Planet thing everyone is so excited about?

- ALSO, PAX this year was full of a) threadless T-shirts and b) mediocre cosplayers. I recall there being more very good and very bad ones two years ago, but this year was chock full of mediocre ones.

- Finally, it is my conclusion that tabletop gaming nerds smell worse than video game nerds, especially in tournament rooms. And D&Ders smelled worse than any other gamers, period. Maybe I just like the smell of testosterone (video gamers) more than anxiety (D&Ders).